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‘Pippin’ Is Poppin’!

Five Wows From Wick Musical
Andrew Henderson

(1) A unique, entertaining, occasionally confusing plot

I think many viewers would agree with me when I say that Pippin certainly has a unique plot. It follows a King’s son, Pippin, who attempts to find his purpose, or calling, through a variety of careers, relationships, or other endeavors. Interestingly, it’s sort of a play inside of a play. Pippin’s life is narrated by a Leading Player, who directs the scenes of the main points in his life. A few of my friends who were in the musical explained the plot to me beforehand, which definitely prevented me from getting confused, but it was still hard to follow at times. Nevertheless, it was fast-paced, with a variety of scenes, ranging from wars, to romance, to song-and-dance. It was almost two hours, but always entertaining.

(2) Seniors, seniors, seniors!

As a member of the senior class, I was so proud to see all of my peers absolutely killing it on stage! Everyone on stage did an amazing job, but as someone leaving the Upper School in a few short months, it felt great to see so many of my good friends have their moment on stage in what is probably their last theater performance of high school. Every starring role was done so well — Summer Armstrong had amazing solos and delightful narration as Leading Player, Griffin Porphy also sung incredibly well and totally crushed every one of Pippin’s purpose-searching endeavors, Natalie Cook was hilarious per usual, delivering her part as Fastrada perfectly, the list goes on and on! Not to mention, those seniors who aren’t regular musical participants gave it their all in the ensemble, mastering every song and dance routine perfectly.

(3) Absolutely hilarious

Whether it was Pippin’s grandma, played by Juliet Winegardner, swinging into the audience, or Fastrada delivering her stream of housewife jokes, or Pippin’s brother Lewis’ narcissistic attitude, the show was nothing short of hilarious. The plot allows for some pretty serious themes, but every scene incorporates some irony and light jokes, creating the perfect balance of solemnity and amusement.

(4) Sets, costumes, effects

As always in the Brunswick musical, the mechanics of the show itself was nothing short of amazing. The sets were so creative for every scene—one of my favorites was the use of the swing in Berthe’s solo, as well as the slideshow of the cast’s baby photos behind it. The fog and lights also elevated the scenes immensely. In terms of costumes, every person on stage was decked out; I couldn’t help but notice intricate makeup and hairstyles as well. On top of the great acting, singing, and dancing, these extra details made the show all the more professional and enjoyable.

(5) Packed house

I went Friday night and let’s just say I was glad to have gotten there 15 minutes early, because by the time the show started, there were barely any seats left! Laughter filled the auditorium after every joke, and applause erupts after every number. The packed auditorium filled the room with good energy, making for an exciting viewing experience.


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