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2023 Rewind: Recapping the Pop Culture Highlights


Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to GA! What better way to celebrate 2023 than to go back on some of the most iconic moments of the year… So much happened this year, so it’s hard to believe some of the events below aren’t from 2018 or something. Below, I’ve summarized 7 unforgettable pop culture moments from this year, so let the nostalgia begin. 

Rihanna at Super Bowl 

The outfit, the dancers, the performance… the second pregnancy announcement!! Everything about this performance was iconic. There were some mixed reviews of course — some thought it was boring, some thought it was incredible, but that verdict is up to you. Either way, there was a lot of buildup to this performance, and with Rihanna being absent from the music scene for a while prior, along with the pregnancy announcement, there surely was a lot to talk about after. 

Hailey and Selena Drama

I don’t know about you, but this feels like it was ages ago. Nonetheless, I remember all of the TikTok conspiracies, the Instagram stories from Hailey and Selena, and all the back and forth when taking sides. It all seemed pretty drummed up by the fans to me, but maybe there was some truth? Either way, I haven’t heard much about it now and they’re both thriving. 

Anything Taylor Swift

I would say Taylor Swift is the most famous person in the world at the moment. Between The Eras Tour, the release of 1989 TV and the much anticipated Reputation TV, as well as her relationship with Travis Kelce — everyone is talking about this woman. And rightfully so! I can’t wait to see what she does in 2024. Reputation TV review coming!!


I wouldn’t say Beyonce’s fame reached the Taylor Swift caliber this year, but these women are different types of iconic, and her tour was also incredibly successful. We also need to talk about how cool it is that Blue Ivy, her daughter, is one of her dancers on tour!! I loved all the videos I saw on Tiktok, and we definitely need to keep looking out for her in the coming year. 


I am not embarrassed to say that the OceanGate event consumed my focus for that entire week in June. I read all of the articles, watched all of the YouTube videos, and yes, I watched, and saved, MANY TikTok videos. You can always count on TikTok to make a meme out of a missing submarine with 5 people inside. In all seriousness, the ending was incredibly tragic, but the world’s obsession with this submersible and its obvious defects is undeniable. 


The movie crossover of a lifetime — two incredible, wildly different films releasing on the same day. I can’t say much about Oppenheimer because I didn’t see it and don’t plan to, but I will say that Barbie was awesome — the acting, the sets, the plot. I listen to the soundtrack regularly, to this day. 

George Santos and Donald Trump

This was quite a year for politics, and while some moments were a bit embarrassing for the US, it does give us something to laugh about, and that’s what this article is about! I still have Trump’s mugshot ingrained in my head, and am still baffled with the amount of lies George Santos made up about his past. If you want to laugh some more, watch Ziwe’s interview with George Santos on YouTube. 

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