Starbucks vs. Dunks: Coffee-chino Showdown

Pumpkin spice latte season is nighrolling around, GAP takes a look at which café conglomerate truly dominates the coffee market.

There’s no doubt that high schoolers love coffee. Students walk into advisory each morning clutching a large plastic cup with a straw between their teeth, enjoying their drink but also praying the caffeine kicks in before their math test. But while some students walk into school with their grande oat milk lattes from the Starbucks on Greenwich Ave, others hold delicious coffee in plastic cups imprinted with a bright orange and pink DD, which raises the question: Which is better, Starbucks or Dunkin’? In order to answer this essential question so that every GA high school student can walk into school on the first day with the proper coffee cup in their hand, I’ve conducted some serious research. Using a variety of sources, including many friends and the Starbucks and Dunkin’ menus, I created the following pros and cons list:

Unfortunately, no clear winner can be crowned from the table above. While Dunkin’ lacks in coffee variety, it makes up for it with amazing Munchkins and donuts. Starbucks may not always be the kindest to your wallet, but the endless unique coffee options make up for it! I cannot give you the best coffee company, but I encourage you to visit both establishments and choose your favorite. After all, it all comes down to one thing: taste!