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Moe Better Bus

GAP rode the bus with Moe!
Emma Jones ’26
GA legend Moe Tarrant delivers New Canaan students to campus.

For all you GA newbies (because I’m sure all the lifers know), Moe Tarrant/Mr. Moe/Moe/Mr. Tarrant/Coach Tarrant/insert name of choice, is a Greenwich Academy legend. His big, bright smile, booming voice, and genuine kindness have earned Moe a very special spot in the hearts of the GA girls. Moe wears many hats, including coaching not one, not two, but three girls’ teams (shoutout varisty hockey!), being a PE teacher, being married to Ms. Tarrant, and most recently becoming the New Canaan bus driver as a part of GA’s new transportation initiative. Moe is dearly beloved, there is no question about it, but I know many girls do have other questions about this (G)A-list celebrity who we call Moe Tarrant/Mr. Moe/Moe/Mr. Tarrant/Coach Tarrant/other. Moe has a lot of wisdom yet reveals very little, but I managed to uncover some of his secrets. What time does he wake up? What’s the best part of his job? (I know—a burning question in the minds of so many GA girls!)

The setting: a small Greenwich Academy bus parked in the lot of Waveny Park in New Canaan. The bus is heated to a perfect temperature. 

The time: 6:56 am. Moe states his name and occupation, then I ask how many days he has been driving the bus. “About 37 days,” he replies with confidence. (I checked; it has been exactly 37 days—as always, Moe is correct!)

Then I ask, with bated breath, “What time do you have to wake up for this bus job?”

He chuckles: “I’m up every morning at 5:3—the time is irrelevant, it’s the same time I go down to school always.” He says he likes to read on the bus until we arrive. Moe definitely follows the mantra, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

When asked where he can be found when he’s not driving the bus, he says, “Its either the office or sitting with the bambinos.” The best part of his job? “Having lunch with second and third graders makes my day every single day because they want you to sit with them, which is an incredible feeling.” The best part of his day? “Seeing my honey,” Moe says immediately. That would be Ms. Tarrant, every bit as beloved. 

Ok, I know you want to know! Burning question: What is Moe’s favorite song? The answer: “Come On Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Our interview was concluding, riders began to arrive at the bus stop. Moe’s greeting: “Ciao bella!” “Rough day at the office, huh?” “Thank you for coming, thank you for being here.” But really, all of GA should be thanking Moe for being here—for waking up at 5:30, for greeting us every day with a smile, for being an awesome coach, for driving the bus like a pro. So next time you cross paths or see him in the Dining Commons or catching up with Ms. Tarrant? Make sure to give Moe a little love…You can be sure he will respond with triple the enthusiasm!

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About the Contributor
Emma Jones ’26
When not writing for GAP, Emma is often found reading, online shopping, or walking her yellow lab, Hudson.

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