Random Kid of the Month: Celeste Batres ‘22!

Senior Celeste Batres loves watching TV (but is definitely trying to start reading again!). She has two younger siblings and two dogs (Mickey and Rosie). Having been at GA for seven years, she shares a little bit more information about herself as GAP’s Random Kid of the Month.

Do you have any siblings?

I have one younger brother in fifth grade at Brunswick and a younger sister in eighth grade at GA.


Favorite hobby?

Watching TV shows. (I try to read sometimes, but I have to be in that mood.) I’m rewatching a lot of shows, among them are Survivor and Making the Cut, which is a fashion TV show that I don’t think a lot of people know about, but it’s very good.


Second favorite color? Why?

Purple. It’s a mix between black and blue, which are two of my top favorite colors, so I really like it. I always seem to own a lot of dark purple things.


Favorite GA lunch?

Cinco de Mayo lunch, because of the mariachi band we had before COVID. They’d just play songs and the food was so good.


Worst pet peeve?

I have misophonia, so little sounds like whistling and chewing really bother me.


Worst fear?

Drowning or not being able to breathe.


What would your past self think of you?

She’d be proud of me: I definitely came out of my shell a lot. When I came to GA, I was really quiet and became a lesser version of myself, but this year I’ve opened myself up a lot more and been happier with myself.


Favorite subject and/or teacher?

My favorite subject has always been English. All English classes that I’ve taken at GA and Wick have been amazing. As for my favorite teachers, all English teachers ever (including Mr. Schwartz, who was here at lunch today! I saw him and wondered if I was hallucinating because he retired last year), Mrs. Blunden and Mr. Motland. They’re all such interesting people to talk to.


Which influences how you feel towards a class more, the subject or the teacher?

The teacher. If I don’t like a class but I have a really great teacher, it’ll make me like the class more. It’s only English that I will love despite a mediocre teacher.


What’s one thing you’re hoping to get for Christmas?

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’m getting back into reading so I’d love to get some new books.


Do you believe in astrology?

I dabble in it! I don’t base my life off of it but I do like knowing what everybody’s sign is. It’s an interesting thing to talk about for me.


Favorite food?

Anything my grandma makes.


Can you cook? If so, what is your favorite thing to cook?

I don’t really cook, but I really like to bake. Sometimes I’ll make banana bread or peanut butter cookies. I like baking a lot – it’s really relaxing.