Powerhouse Seniors Run the Table in US Dodgeball Tournament


On Thursday, March 10, all four grades of the Upper School huddled closely together in each corner of Raether Gym with their respective classmates (decked out in class colors, of course), devising strategy and generating pep for the upcoming clash. The GA Upper School Dodgeball tournament returned after skipping last year, generating excitement throughout the Upper School in the days leading up to the showdown. When Athletics Board President Emily Greenhaw ‘22 showed a video of faculty members preparing for the impending battle, a wave of excitement fell upon the crowd. This video featured several faculty members in a TikTok and a clip of Mrs. King whipping a gator ball at a past game.

After a brief introduction of the rules by senior Athletics Board members and Mrs. Brower, the games began. Firstly, the sophomores squared off against the juniors, the first matchup in a string of competitive games. While the juniors showed early signs of success, the sophomores’ strategy of combining offensive and defensive elements of the game prevailed, guiding the 2024s to a win. After a highly energetic cheer by the outgoing senior class, the freshmen and seniors took the court. From the outset of the contest it was clear that the seniors had victory on their minds: They were relentless in whipping the balls every which way, having no trouble disqualifying the Upper School’s youngest grade. Despite great efforts from freshmen Caroline Watts and Lila Cabot, the seniors secured their victory. Tensions were high in the subsequent senior versus sophomore bout. After a solid four minutes of play from both teams, the judges called a jail-break for seniors only – a highly controversial call. Despite initial confusion on the part of the sophomores, the 2024s decided to jail-break as well, causing a hiccup in the game. Eventually, however, the seniors came out on top, establishing themselves as the best dodgeball team in the school. 

While they had already won two impressive matches, the seniors’ journey was anything but complete: They now were forced to face the faculty team. Supplied with tons of energy from their previous wins, the seniors appeared determined to win their final game despite the intimidation factor of competing against their own teachers. Despite their aforementioned hype-up video and strong performances from numerous teachers, the seniors were able to secure their final victory, cementing their legacy as dodgeball champions for years to come. 

This year’s dodgeball tournament was a wild ride: Upsets, controversial calls, and a stacked faculty team made sure that the day was a special one. While students experienced a range of emotions during the tournament, the real “win” of the day was the effort on behalf of the whole upper school to come together as one and partake in a fun, competitive, and carefree activity in the weeks leading up to spring break, setting the tone for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year.