Songs of March


Hello everyone! Spring is on its way and I can’t contain my excitement. There is nothing better than slowly shedding layers at school—first the jacket…then the sweatshirt…then the leggings…till all that’s left is a polo, a kilt, and the sun! You all will be happy to hear that I have finally escaped the music drought from earlier this year. Now I am discovering new music all the time! Whether it’s friends, family, TV, or my Discover Weekly on Spotify, new genres and artists keep finding their way into my playlists. And during this spring break, I’ve had many plane rides and long car trips to listen for hours on end. There is nothing better than closing your eyes and taking in the music. Here are just a few of my current favorite songs. I hope you enjoy!

“Brothers On The Slide – Brooklyn Mix” by Patchworks
When most people think of house music today, they think of artists like Kaytranda and Fred Again who attract packed crowds with their vibey, intense, fast-pace beats. However, house music has a much wider range than the intense, hand-flicking songs that we know and love. Originating in Chicago in the mid 1980s, house music was initially made by altering disco songs to have a harsher, more machine-like beat. This song, although recorded in 2014, feels so classic house to me and that’s why I love it. The bass and the keys both stand on their own, but also work perfectly with the consistent, mechanical beat. Although I love Kaytra and Fred Again, there is something special about the disco beats that I just can’t get enough of.

“Now That Everything’s Been Said” by The City
We all know Carole King for her incredible album Tapestry and unforgettable hit songs, but not everyone knows about the band that helped launch her career. The City, a trio consisting of King, her future husband Charles Larkey, and guitarist Danny Kortchmar, was hungry for fame in the late ’60s. However, their album Now That Everything’s Been Said was unsuccessful and unrecognized by the media. In fact, distribution problems caused the album to be quickly deleted. It was kept in hiding for more than 30 years and was finally rereleased in 2010. In this song, it is clear to see what influenced Carol King in her solo career and created her fame. The emotional, soft nature of her music can be heard within this whole album.

“God Turn Me Into a Flower” by Weyes Blood
I know you all have heard me say it many times before on GAP, but Natalie Mering (a k a Weyes Blood) is a true musical genius. Natalie’s use of synthesizers and keyboards in her music perfectly melt with her intense vocals to create a psychedelic, almost religious experience. When I had the pleasure of seeing Weyes Blood perform live in Chicago earlier this month, I transcended into another dimension. Seriously. Everything about it was beautiful—especially this song. When you listen, be prepared to have a life-changing experience.

“Cabana de Mel” by Molly Lewis
No, that’s not a robin or a sparrow or a blue jay…it’s Molly Lewis. Yup. Molly Lewis is a whistler. When watching a video of one of her performances, a fan of hers exclaimed, “Whistling is somewhere in between an instrument and a voice. It’s in this whole other category, so it kind of scratches this itch that you didn’t even know you had.” I think this statement is a perfect explanation to why Molly Lewis’ music is so addictive. Her obvious influence of bossa nova, a Brazilian form of samba, is what really attracts me to her music. Next time when you are contemplating what to listen to when doing your homework, give Molly Lewis a chance.

“Moon Rocks” by Talking Heads
Even though the lyrics to this song are complete nonsense, my love for bass guitar prevails. Holy $#%! this song is groovy. From the very first moment when I hear the drums introduce the layered bass guitars, I’m hooked. I love it all—especially the wacky noises that I can’t even figure out what instrument makes them. Similarly to Weyes Blood, Talking Heads’ psychedelic sound is irresistible. However, unlike Weyes Blood’s spiritual and mystical ballads, Talking Heads create a groovy and irresistible vibe that defines psychedelic rock.

“Regret Me” by Daisy Jones & The Six
When I read the book Daisy Jones & The Six this summer, I was conflicted on whether or not I actually liked it. I couldn’t put it down, but at the same time I was extremely frustrated. A whole book about music that didn’t even exist? Taylor Jenkins Reid would spend pages upon pages describing a song that I so badly wanted to hear but couldn’t. Therefore, when the TV series was recently released on Prime Video, I was SO excited. The show, more importantly the music created for the show, pleasantly surprised me. The band truly captured the timeless, ’70s pop-rock sound that they were going for. You can really feel the emotion in their music, especially in this song. Sometimes when I listen to the album Aurora, I forget that Daisy Jones & The Six isn’t a real band! If you want to check it out, my favorites on the album are “The River,” “Two Against Three,” “Let Me Down Easy,” “Look At Me Now (Honeycomb),” and this song.

“Midnight In Harlem” by Tedeschi Trucks Band
I thought I would go with a classic for my last pick. If you don’t know Tedeschi Trucks Band, it’s time you do. In each and every song they make, this 12 member powerhouse of a band comes together to create something truly special. For me, this song is long van rides across the Midwest. It is calming medicine when I am worried about a test tomorrow. It is the song I choose to close my eyes to and focus on when I am on the plane or in the car. No matter what mood I am in, this song matches it. The drums, the guitars, the saxophones all blend with each other to make a smooth, purely beautiful song. I hope that this song can mean lots of things to you, too.

Thank you so much for reading my recs. It means a whole lot to me! If you have some recommendations for me or just want to chat about music, please shoot me an email or come up to me at school! I am always happy to talk about what I love. Also, if you want to get even more songs, my spotify is Spfishy.

Other Songs to Check Out:

  • “Portrait of Jenny” by Wynton Kelly Trio
  • “Drive” by The Cars
  • “Bye Bye Love” by The Cars
  • “When The Morning Comes” by Hall and Oates
  • “Just Another Honky” by Faces
  • “Not The Only One” by Bonnie Raitt
  • “Movies” by Weyes Blood