What To Do This Weekend


Five whole days, GA. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of them. Happy Presidents Day!

Self Care
School is very stressful. Take this time off to take care of yourself! Treat yourself to things you don’t normally have time for during the school week. Get some extra sleep and downtime. Physical health is just as important as mental health, so make sure you rest.


  • Face masks
  • Bath bombs
  • Manicure/Pedicure

Day Trip to NYC
Day trips to the city are so much fun and there are so many things you can do! It’s an hour commute, plus or minus a few minutes, which is super easy.

Places to go:

Ice Skating
The time slots are around one hour, so a super fun but not too long activity to do with friends.
Rinks: Dorothy Hamill or Greenwich Skating club

Here are some popular recipes from both TikTok and Instagram that a lot of people have enjoyed!

Movie Marathon

TV Shows
Popular ones to start:

Catch Up on Work
If you’ve fallen behind on work, which I know I have, use this time to catch up so you don’t feel stressed when you come back to school. Not fun, but a good idea!