Songs of February


Hi everyone! I hope 2023 is treating you well. Cold weather calls for music that’s warm, comforting, and sentimental. I’m talking about songs that can get you heated when it’s below freezing, or make you relax just a little bit more with hot chocolate in hand. For me, good tunes are my vitamin D in the winter months. Who needs sun when you have great music to listen to? Here are just a few of my seasonal favorites, ranging from reggaeton to American folk to indie rock. Enjoy!

“The Road” by Danny O’Keefe
I hold this song very close to my heart. It can have so many different meanings: It may be about a traveling musician like Danny O’Keefe himself, who played coffeehouses along the midwest for almost 50 years. It can be about a kid figuring out his path in life, or an older person reflecting on their youth. Regardless of the story, the warmth of American folk music radiates in this song. It is sentimental and special. I love it I love it I love it!

“Busy Doin’ Nothin’” by The Beach Boys – Remastered 2001
This song is strange and that’s why I’m obsessed with it. Practically a diary entry, it documents the leisurely lifestyle of the Beach Boys at the height of their success (the ’60s). It gives intricate directions to the Wilson brothers’ house, describes the loneliness of an unanswered phone call, and perfectly represents the easy going vibe of Californians. Sometimes when I listen to this song, deep in European history or physics, I long to be “Busy Doin’ Nothin.”

“Stop Your Crying” by Lake Street Dive
The moment this song begins, the harmonies hit you in the face. When I saw them play this song live on Feb. 4, my jaw was on the floor. Lake Street Dive is incredible incredible incredible, and lead singer Rachel Price is a goddess. Not only does she sound and look beautiful, but she is seven months pregnant! Talk about a true musician. I had such a great time at their concert, and am lucky to have seen this masterpiece in action. Just like the harmonies in the beginning, this song is forceful and sweet at the same time.

“Billie Toppy” by Men I Trust
In this song, Men I Trust defines indie rock and does it flawlessly. This Canadian trio does a great job alternating between the powerful bass and more upbeat interludes. The balance is perfect, and I can’t help but bang my head up and down everytime I listen. Let me know if you feel the same way.

“Stephanie Says” by The Velvet Underground
After watching the Velvet Underground documentary on Apple TV, I have become infatuated with all things VU. I have always loved their songs—from “Oh! Sweet Nuthin” to “Pale Blue Eyes” to “Heroin,” their discography is wide ranging and unique. Born out of the endorsement of Andy Warhol, the voices of Lou Reed and Nico will always be legendary. I love this song because it is featured in The Royal Tenenbaums, a lovely film directed by no one other than Wes Anderson. This song, which talks about a girl who can’t really get close with anyone, perfectly aligns with the character Margot Tenenbaum. So…Wes Anderson, Apple TV, Andy Warhol…It’s safe to say that “Stephanie Says” is a great tune.

“And That’s Saying a Lot” by Christine McVie
I decided to include this song in honor of Christine McVie, member of Fleetwood Mac, who just recently passed away in November. When most people think of Christine, they think of the badass woman behind the keyboard and the voice of “You Make Loving Fun.” However, her solo career is also something to be acknowledged. This song is my favorite solo track of hers—it is dramatic, soulful, and magnetic. The drum line is magnificent, and when I listen to it, I feel like a million bucks.

“Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” by Haircut 100
This song makes me wish I could play electric guitar. Ugh! Right off the bat, the groove is overpowering. The more you listen the better it gets, and the trumpets are just to die for. If any of you guys reading can play the electric guitar, I am so so jealous of you!

“SAOKO” by Rosalía
The power of reggaeton, a music style that originated in Puerto Rico with reggae and hip-hop influences, is hard to ignore in music and pop culture today. Artists such as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, and Rosalía have been extremely successful in distributing their music on an international level. And thank goodness! It’s impossible to stand still while listening to this song. It can make you feel like a total badass, and the lyrics support that notion. This whole album by Rosalía, MOTOMAMI, is really worth a listen.

“Coconut” by the Sea and Cake
This song is lovely. I love how the multiple guitars blend and melt with one another to create a soft and calming tune. I connect lead singer Sam Prekop’s voice with Jeff Tweedy (lead singer of Wilco, who you guys know I love). They just have that classic alternative/indie sound that is so difficult to replicate. This song just feels good to listen to. Oh—and it’s a great Window Song.*

Thank you so much for reading my recs. It means a whole lot to me! If you have some recommendations for me or just want to chat about music, please shoot me an email or come up to me at school! I am always happy to talk about music. Also, if you want to get even more songs, my spotify is Spfishy. Thanks for reading!

Special shoutout to Mr. Borowka, who reads all of my articles. Thanks for the recs and the support!

*A song that is best listened to while looking out the window of a moving vehicle.

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