3 Halloween Movies that Will Have Your Heart Racing

Halloween only lasts one day, but scary movies don’t have to! Here are a few of our favorite suspenseful movies to enjoy on those 364 days you spend counting down.

3 Halloween Movies that Will Have Your Heart Racing

If you’re like me, Halloween is like a scary-movie appetizer, making me hunger for more chills, more thrills! Call it an amuse-BOOche. My top 3 should keep you on the edge of your seat till Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place is my all-time favorite movie (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at least 3 times) and definitely not for the faint of heart. It follows a family trying to survive after aliens who hunt by sound come to earth. If they make any noise one of the creatures will come out of nowhere and snatch them up. The movie is full of suspense as the parents try to keep their young kids alive while also trying to find a way to kill the aliens. A Quiet Place had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Although it’s more of a thriller than it is horror, there were so many amazing jump scares that’ll leave your heart beating like crazy! If you want suspense, but not necessarily blood or gore, this is a perfect option.


Freaky (2020)

If you want a classic cheesy slasher film with questionable acting, this is the movie for you. Freaky is about a high school girl who is targeted by an infamous killer called “the Butcher.” That quickly becomes the least of her problems when the Butcher’s magical dagger causes them to switch bodies. Millie learns that she only has 24 hours to switch back before it becomes permanent. Even though the movie is a little cheesy, it is still tons of fun to watch! Freaky had plenty of good jump scares but the movie was generally focused on gore and not fear. It is definitely not for people with weak stomachs, as there are tons of brutal and bloody deaths.


Scream (1996) 

Lastly, if you want a movie that’s somewhere in between these previous two movies, you’re going to want to watch Scream. Scream is a satirical take on the classic slasher movie tropes. It’s bloody, suspenseful, and pokes fun at other horror movies. What more could you want? The movie follows high school students as they are stalked and killed off one by one by Ghostface. Our main character, Sidney Prescott, and her friends work to unmask the killer (Ghostface) while also trying to stay alive and follow the “rules” of horror movies. Scream is relatively violent, but it’s balanced out well by humor.