Upcoming GA Events: Mark Your Calendars!

First quarter down, 3 more to go! Reminisce on the events that characterized this October, and learn what we have in store for us next month!


As the first quarter has passed, GA is looking ahead to all sorts of community events. October 29 marked the end of the first quarter for the students, meaning grades were released and that we are one-fourth of the way through the school year. Also on Friday, October 29, GA and Brunswick both had their annual art assemblies. This assembly served the purpose of putting upper school students’ art on display for faculty and other students. This is always a highlight of the year for the art department. That same weekend was the GA-Brunswick homecoming dance and sports games. Homecoming has been a tradition for GA and Brunswick for a long time now, and students are more than excited to keep the tradition alive. The weekend started with a bonfire and multiple sports games at Brunswick’s home turf on King Street. Later that night the Homecoming Dance was held on the same turf where students of all grades come together for one fun night. 

November 2 was election day. GA students recognized election day by having discussions in advisory groups on what it means to vote, and how to vote responsibly. In the following week on November 11, all students will be taking the PACT during school hours. On that same day is the Brunswick fall play. If you can’t catch the play during the school week, the cast is also performing on November 13, a Saturday night, at Brunswick. The fall play is a fun event for Brunswick and GA students, and they have worked hard all quarter to put it on. In the same weekend, GA will be hosting the annual FCD parent meeting, which all parents can attend. Finally, mark your calendars for Thursday, November 18, Friday, November 19, and Saturday, November 20 for the GA fall musical, Into the Woods. The fall musical is a very popular event among GA students, as the young talented actors of the community get to take the stage in front of their peers to debut what they have been working hard on for the past two months. Now, with your calendars full of fun and traditional GA events in the coming weeks, we hope to see all of our readers showing their support for GA and attending the school’s wonderful events!