12 Fun Things to Do in Late Fall/Early Winter

Need a break from school work? Looking for something cool to do? We’ve got you covered! Read on to get some boredom-busting inspiration!


There’s nothing to do here.

How many times have you, or a friend, said that exact sentence? Oftentimes, when we’re looking for a break or can’t think of anything to do, we resort to going on Tiktok or rewatching the Gossip Girl  Thanksgiving episode for the 23rd time. Although I must admit that I enjoy taking part in those activities as well, I think we all know that there must be better ways to spend our long-awaited weekends and afternoons. This article will give you and your friends/family/dogs/cat/goldfish some fun activities to do for the rest of this fall and the start of the winter.

1) Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

Personally, I love Starbucks, but I don’t love the long lines or the expensive drinks. Making your own PSL is a great way to have a fun and tasty day. 

2) Go Ice Skating!

Find a rink near you or test out a local pond (just kidding, please do not do that). 

3) Bake Some Fall-themed Foods

Nothing says fall like a steaming apple pie or some warm pumpkin bread. Maybe even bring what you make into your advisory so you can all start off the week right. 

4) Have a Friendsgiving!

Shocking to believe that Thanksgiving is coming up, but it is. Get some friends together, cook some quality food, and eat to your heart’s content. 

5) Go to Tod’s Point (or any beach)

Yes, Tod’s Point is open, and they allow dogs starting Dec. 1. This will be so much fun for not only you, but your furry friend, too.

6) Polar Plunge

This is sometimes an activity reserved for the new year but I assure you the water at Tod’s is plenty cold now. Go swimming in the ocean with your friends—maybe pack a wetsuit. Forty-degree weather should never prevent a beach day! (But be safe!)

7) Paint Some Shoes

Even on the coldest of days, painting a cheap shoe with some cheap art supplies can keep you occupied for hours (and what’s better than wearable art?).

8) Go on a Hike

You may have to bundle up for this one but the foliage is simply exquisite this time of year. There’s simply no better way to enjoy it than going on a scenic hike with friends.

9) Have a Bonfire

Smoke some marshmallows, drink some hot chocolate, and gather around that fire pit.

10) Make Your Own Candles

Yes, this is possible (I Googled it). Really though, what better gift to give to anyone with an upcoming birthday than a candle with a personalized scent? 

11) Have a Bake-off

You get to (possibly) win something (yay) and you get delicious food at the end. It’s a win-win. 

12) Go Watch Your Classmates

So many of the fall/winter teams have big games coming up in the future—go support your fellow Gators. 

Even in late fall, there is always something to do! There’s nothing better to help you recharge on a weekend than trying one of these fun and adventurous activities. Keep me posted on what you decide to do to keep busy!