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Advice For Incoming Seniors


Cécilia Lux ’20, co-Editor-in-Chief

With graduation just around the corner, the senior class is looking back on this past year with so much love and gratitude! Even though it’s been cut short, there were a lot of lessons both good and bad learned along the way. So here’s some advice to juniors from the old and wise Class of 2020:

Enjoy all the little moments-talking to people in the halls, getting paired up with friends for group projects, and a sunny path walk 🙂  – Julia Sulkowski

For the senior year always, always make time to do the things you love and spend time with the people you love. Make an effort to be friends with the people in your classes, other students, teachers etc. because that is the best way to have fun and make good memories! – Emily Fernandez

Don’t get absorbed with college stuff and do your own thing! Don’t let all the noise stress you out and just enjoy your time!  – Sydney Pittignano  

Keep your college process private, just between you and a few friends! It’ll save you a lot of stress when decisions are rolled out! – Anonymous

Take breaks and spend time with your friends and family! Next year you won’t be able to! Don’t take it for granted! – Lizey Altman

Never forget that everyone is also experiencing stress, even if they aren’t showing it. Make the extra effort to be there for others and don’t feel bad about taking care of your needs before those of others!! – Lexi Handrinos

Don’t leave the rest of the regular applications to do after the early decisions come out because you will find it much harder and stressful to complete all those essays on top of schoolwork at that time.  – Cole Mersereau 

Enjoy your last year of high school because it flies by! – Serena Wecker 

College stuff will all work out – don’t let it take up your whole life! – Isabel Allard

Work really hard up until finals, stay in a few weekends, miss a hangout or two but push through for the first-semester grind really really hard, and then it’ll pay off! Second semester you can chill! – Anonymous

Try to take a breath senior fall- I know how busy it gets and how you feel like you can’t come up for air but make time to see ur friends bc looking back on it now I regret having the attitude that I’d make up for all the lost hangouts senior spring – Isabel Allard

Cherish your last year at home. Don’t get too bogged down in your work; value your time with family and appreciate all the relationships, resources, and memories that have shaped you into a person who is ready to embark on a new chapter of your life. – Eliza Bowman

Megan Meyerson’s Nine Commandments of Senior Year: 

1. Congrats on conquering junior year! There’s nothing you can’t do.

2. Get. your. Common. App. Essay. Done. Over. The. Summer. And some supplements if possible.

3. Use your college counselor; they’re amazing and will be happy to help if you are struggling.

4. Don’t take a single day on campus for granted. There probably won’t be another pandemic, but going through every single minute on the GA campus with an attitude of constant gratitude will make your year more fun and you’ll end it knowing that you made the most of every second.

5. Be gentle with each other, especially in the fall; college application season is stressful, and there is no reason to add drama to the drama that is college. You are all each other’s’ best allies, and you are NOT competing with each other for spots (just in case you weren’t sure 😊). 

6. Reach outside your friend group. This is your last year to do it at GA. You might find another soulmate, or you might just brighten someone’s day a little. Regardless, it can’t hurt. 

7. Say thank-you. The end of the year is usually when we say thank-you to our teachers, parents, etc. As a senior, think about starting that in September. It will make so many people so happy, and it’ll remind you how many people have your back if (or probably when) everything seems a little out of control. 

8. Reach out to friends from the class of 2020 if you have questions. We’re still here for you even if we aren’t on campus. Ask us about college, applications, saying goodbye, transitioning, leadership at school, or anything else we can help with. 

9. Enjoy it. This goes back to not taking it for granted. Actively try to enjoy as much as humanly possible of your senior year. Have fun with your friends, enjoy the learning in your classes, work hard, and treasure the amazing year that is ahead of you. – Megan Meyerson

We hope this advice helps next year! Really savor every moment you get with your friends, family, and teachers! Before you know it you’ll be walking down the aisle at graduation wondering where all the time went. Good luck next year! We love you!

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