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Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen

Movie Review: Disneys Frozen

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Whether you are a Disney movie lover, a closeted Disney movie lover, or a straight up Disney hater, the movie Frozen is impossible to resist.

Frozen tells the story of two princess sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa has the power to make ice, but she has to hide her powers after she accidentally hurts her younger sister. Flash forward two songs, and it’s coronation day! Since the King and the Queen died in a freak boat accident, Elsa has to be the new queen.

A whirlwind of drama later, Elsa is kicked out of the coronation ball. Somehow she gets to the top of a mountain in, like, ten minutes, where she builds herself a snow fort-home. But wait! She has left the kingdom in eternal winter, so Anna has to go find her in order to bring back summer.

       I wasn’t expecting much from Frozen, but honestly I think for the first time in a while Disney has made a good animated musical. It doesn’t top The Lion King (which can’t be topped anyway), but it’s at least twenty times better than Tangled, which was kinda cute but forgettable and had no good songs.

What makes Frozen so good is the music. Most of them are very catchy and remind me of the “good old Disney” songs of my childhood. For a week after I saw this movie my friends and I had the song “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” stuck in our heads. Plus, it’s a true testament to the power of Frozen that the soundtrack has been killing it on iTunes. It’s been ahead of Beyoncé’s new album, at number 1, for weeks. WEEKS. Everyone’s singing these songs, from Demi Lovato to random girls on YouTube.

       Another thing that makes Frozen so good is the characters. After seeing the trailer for the first time I thought the snowman, Olaf, was going to be another one of those annoying awkward sidekicks, but I was wrong: he was actually hilarious and had some good one-liners. The reindeer was really cute too– even though he didn’t say anything.

My only complaint about the movie was that it seemed too short and felt a little rushed. For example, one minute Prince Hans was saying, “Let’s get married!” and then he turns around and is like, “Jk! Never mind.” Came out of nowhere.

However, I think it’s really progressive of Disney to make the statement that an “act of true love” doesn’t always have to come from a guy or true love’s kiss. In this movie, it’s the (spoiler alert) sisterly love between Anna and Elsa that saves the day. I think it’s great that young girls now have two more princess role models to look up to, and I hope that Disney keeps up the tradition of making good musicals.

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Movie Review: Disney’s Frozen