What Kind of Commuter Are You?


Chart_Q2_131118On November 12th, a survey was sent out to the Greenwich Academy Upper School, asking students and faculty what their daily morning commute to GA was like. According to the pool of 230 responses, about 25% of the Upper School population lives within 5-10 minutes of GA. Meanwhile, slightly more than 25% live about 20-30 minutes away. However, thirteen people indicated that the commute to GA takes them anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Unsurprisingly, the most common method of transportation is by car: 89 people said they drive themselves to school. Since the senior class, not all of whom can drive, only has 81 students, a significant portion of the junior class (assuming that no underclassmen can drive) drive themselves to school.

While a majority of students and teachers at GA commute by driving themselves, a small portion of the Upper School population does commute to school by carpool. Take Kelly Bojic, Group XII, and Mrs. Laura Soden who, as of recently, carpool to school together every morning. Bojic says, “Soden and I started carpooling two weeks ago. In the 25-30 minutes it takes to get from Norwalk to GA, I love chatting with Soden and reading to her adorable little kids.”


However, not all students are driven to school every morning. In the survey, eight people indicated that they walk to school. Katie Morena, X, walks to school every morning. “Most of the time I walk to Megan Apostolides’ house and then we walk to school, so all-in-all it’s about a 20-minute walk. A little less. I always walk home unless it’s really dark outside and I always have my music on. Sometimes I make my mom drive me to Meg’s house though,” says Morena.

While having to walk before and after school everyday can be tedious, Rebecca Dolan, XI, finds benefits in living so close to home. She says, “One of the biggest perks is being able to run home between school and sports/PE. I don’t have to lug equipment or clothes with me. And sleeping late is really nice! I don’t think I’d want to drive as a senior next year. It actually takes me longer to drive to school!”

While the vast majority of the GA Upper School can get to school by car under half an hour, about 15% of the student and faculty population spend more than 30 minutes every day commuting to and from school and about 12% commute by walking or taking the train or bus.