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Faculty and Staff Art on Display at GA

October 7 through December 2, The Greenwich Academy Luschinger Gallery and Jacobs Lobby (located in the Performing Arts Center) will present work by graphic design artist Claire Ellen Corey.

An artist’s reception will take place on Thursday, November 13. All are welcome to meet Ms. Corey, who lives in Brooklyn, and talk with her about her work, which merges painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and digital art.

Ms. Corey’s show follows on the heels of a very successful Faculty and Staff Art Show, which ran from September 9 to October 3, and was curated by Ms. Kristen Erickson and Ms. Molly Boskey.

Many members of the GA faculty and staff took the opportunity to include their work in this brilliant display.

Ms. Sherry Tamalonis’ bright flower-like and black and white computer generated designs lined the walls of the lobby.

Other works included dances by Ms. Marcia Brooks and Ms. Annie Heinemann, which were exhibited via an iPad that hung on the wall. On the iPad was a continuous loop of their dances with headphones hanging nearby.

There was also, among other works, fashion photography by Mr. Mark Cerniglia and poetry by Mr. Jeff Schwartz.

This show goes up annually, but this year was slightly different because Ms. Erickson and Ms. Boskey opened it up to both faculty and staff, instead of just faculty, for the first time.

“I wanted to encourage people who weren’t members of the faculty per se, they might be on the staff somewhere, to also participate,” Ms. Erickson said.

Erickson and Boskey sent an email to the entire faculty and staff of Greenwich Academy to ask them if anyone had any artwork they wanted to put in the show.

This year, they also wanted to include more types of artwork than they had in years past, so they encouraged different types of artists to showcase.

For example, costumes designed by Ms. Megan Ormond were on display in the show.These costumes were projects of hers from college. She had to make costumes to be used for different styles of dance. Of the three costumes on display, there was one meant for a Vietnamese Waltz, one for a Salsa, and one for a Tango.

“When I’m designing a collection I’m literally doing research for a good three months, just research, that’s it. That’s before you even pick out fabric or make anything; you’re just researching,” Ms. Ormond said.

Ms. Marcia Brooks’ piece was a dance solo that she choreographed and performed when she was eighteen. However, the original footage of her performing this solo was accidentally deleted. The piece she displayed was a remake, twenty years later, of this piece.

All of the artwork in the exhibit was different, inspiring, and astonishingly beautiful. The show received a lot of positive recognition among the Greenwich Academy community. It was so great to get to see our teachers in action outside of the classroom.

Be sure to check out Ms. Corey and other future artists in the Luschinger Gallery!

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