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Humans of GA: President and VP of the School


All School President, Jubilee Johnson 

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Photo: Charlotte Warne ’15

What has the workload as president been so far?

It’s not actually a lot. The first thing I did, I had a meeting with Mr. [Tom] Sullivan and Mrs. [Molly] King, and that was just about the speech for the opening day of school. We had our first forum meeting on Tuesday morning. Otherwise it doesn’t feel like a lot of work.

For you, personally, what are the most difficult decisions to make? (Social, academic, athletic, etc.)

I feel like my goal is to listen to what the people want. I’m just a representative. I can also try to provide as much fun as possible.

Socially, I don’t know if I feel pressure. I don’t know if it’s a senior thing, but I don’t really care what people think anymore, so it’s kinda fun. You’re just like, “whatever, I’m going to graduate, and what I leave behind, people will either love it or hate it.”

What do you see for the future of GA in the upcoming year?

One of my goals was to have Brunswick watch the documentary Miss Representation, I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but I want to talk to Mr. [Tom] Philip to see what can be done about that.

I know Bella Fiorita is proposing to have a Fall Ball since we don’t host any more dances, only Brunswick’s Homecoming and Brown and White. I think that’s a really great idea. Otherwise, the creative juices are flowing!

Could you expand on a time when you “did you,” or advice for how people can “do you” in their day to day lives?

I’ve always heard that. It’s just like this general thing, like “Hey boo do you.” It’s that little Bronx flavor thing. Ms. [Priscilla] Morales knows what I’m talking about…anyway just “do you” every day.

I just look in the mirror. I’m like, “ok, well, I woke up like this, I just gotta do it.”

What do you imagine as your dream job/house when you are in your 20’s?

I really want to live in New York, probably the city. I want to work maybe for like a newspaper or something, and I could see myself starting from the bottom, and you know where you have to read a lot of submissions for like New Yorker magazine.

I could stay up all night and read that. Then when I am about twenty-three I could have a little blog or something in cahoots with celebs.

Which TV character are you most like?

I wish I was like Olivia Pope from Scandal, but she’s too smart for me. I feel like I’m, honestly, this is so weird, I feel like I could be Creed from The Office. I love him so much! Like my disposition is just like this old man, I feel like this gripey guy. I love Creed. He’s so underestimated.

What is the most significant lesson that high school has taught you?

I feel like high school has taught me that there is much more beyond this little realm. Even over the summer, when you’re away from GA and your friends and the majority of people you see on the day to day basis, you realize that there is so much more beyond the little petty gossip stuff.

And I’m not saying I’m above it, you just kind of get a different perspective like wow, there is so much more outside of this little bubble that I can explore. And so it’s taught me to kind of open up my mind because I feel like sometimes I get narrow minded.

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Photo: Charlotte Warne ’15

VP & Honor Board President, Ellie Lobrano
As VP that also means you’re head of the honor board. How hard is it to keep everything confidential? 

It’s not that difficult to keep everything confidential. I often try to put myself in the girl’s shoes and know that I would not want anyone else spreading information about me. In general, everyone is pretty respectful when it comes to honor board confidentiality and knows that we can’t speak in depth about judicial councils.

What are some things that people say about honor board that you want to clear up?

That we are the police and we are tattletales because that’s not true at all … How can I describe this … we are just around, we are like a support system, we are not trying to get people in trouble. We are just trying to make sure everyone learns and has a good high school experience.

How can you guys incorporate “do you” into the honor board?

Be whoever you want to be; honor board supports you!

Which friends character are you most like?

Oh that’s a good one, um Rachel, she’s my spirit animal.

What is the most important lesson high school has taught you? 

Enjoy every little moment and always ask questions.

Favorite old tv show or movie?

Three Stooges, haha, ya I’m obsessed, and Little Rascals, all time favorite movie.

Nightmare job (opposite of dream job)?

Working in a sewer.

What do you want to be remembered for, both by your friends and Greenwich Academy? 

I want to be remembered for removing the stigma of honor board being a police system, and I just want to be remembered as someone who helps others.

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Humans of GA: President and VP of the School