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An Oldie, A Classic, “Sabrina”: Starring Audrey Hepburn

Juxtapose Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of style, class, and poise, with the original Hollywood gangster Humphrey Bogart, and you have the rudiments of one of my favorite movies: Sabrina.

It’s the classic romance between a man and a woman who come from opposite worlds.

To elaborate, the story begins with Hepburn, who plays Sabrina Fairchild, a demure young woman who longs to be a part of the world of the elite.

From her obscure perch upon a tree, she fantasizes about being a member of that world and the love interest of David Larrabee, the charming prodigal son.

Sabrina, for most of her life, has been madly in love with David, who hardly knows she exists except for the fact that she is the daughter of the family chauffeur.

Because she is invisible, and because a world without David is a world too sad to consider, Sabrina attempts suicide.

Later, in an effort to heal herself, she is sent to Paris. Upon her return, as a refined and posh ingénue, David suddenly wants to be a part of her world.

Now enter Bogart, from stage left, as David’s older brother Linus, who decides to compete for Sabrina’s affection. With two men vying for her love, the real question becomes, who will Sabrina choose?

Oh Sabrina, Sabrina where have you been all my life? is the question David asks Sabrina once he becomes enamored by her sophistication and elegance. Perhaps you’ll be thinking the same thing when you sit down to watch Sabrina.

Better yet, the question on your mind may very well be where has this movie been all my life?

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An Oldie, A Classic, “Sabrina”: Starring Audrey Hepburn