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To Wear or Not to Wear?

As October 31 approaches with its aura of mischief and promise of abundant sweets, students and faculty alike are figuring out the most important detail of All Hallows Eve: what to wear. In order to spark some ideas, get the creativity flowing, and hopefully illuminate what is considered appropriate to wear, I decided to ask a few members of our community about favorite costumes in the past and where (or if) a line must be drawn when it comes to impersonating someone or a group of people.

In recent years, GA girls have had to pay closer attention to the message that their costumes send.

“There are often unintended consequences of costumes that portray groups of people,” said Mr. Patrick Dwyer. Most times offensive costumes portraying groups of people, such as Native Americans, are embodiments of stereotypes that people are not necessarily trying to promote.

“You have to be considerate,” said Alex Prout, Brunswick Group XII.

However, what about the argument, ‘it’s all in good fun?’

“If it’s not offensive and it’s not hurting anyone else and also if it’s not too revealing, then I think its fine. And obviously keep it legal,” said Brooke Miller, Group XII.

Parker Murphy, XI agrees: “I think that if it’s not in a harmful manner, for example imitating Brunswick boys, then it’s fine.”

Intentions are an important factor to keep in mind, especially when dressing up as someone else. Dressing up as a Brunswick boy for good fun is one thing, but adopting derogatory mannerisms could potentially become offensive.

When looking at people’s favorite costumes over the years and what they are thinking about dressing up as this year, there is no surprise that there are a lot of references to popular culture. Pop culture portrayals are generally more appropriate than dressing up as a cultural or socioeconomic group; after all, who doesn’t love to see their favorite TV characters walking down the school hallways?

When asked to reflect upon the best costume she’s ever seen, Murphy said hands down 2013 GA Varsity Soccer’s Orange Is the New Black

“I want to be Where’s Waldo. He’s everywhere but nowhere. The man of mystery. He’s like James Bond,” Prout added.

Beyond the costumes and the candy, Halloween is the perfect time of year for puckish pranks. “I would like to scare Mr. Fout. Ashby is a close second,” said (shh don’t tell anyone!) Mr. Dwyer.

So beware, and have a Happy Halloween!

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To Wear or Not to Wear?