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The Inside Scoop from a Bleachers Corp. Intern

I had always heard horror stories about interns running around getting coffee and doing odd jobs for their bosses, so I was pretty nervous to start working at the Bleachers Corporation this summer. I was happy to learn that interning at Bleachers was nothing like Andy Sachs’ job in The Devil Wears Prada.

The Bleachers Corporation is a startup out of Stamford that streams live and on demand video of school even
ts, including sports games, school performances, and other important occasions.

Bleachers is such a valuable tool for schools because it has the potential to bring a community together. Sometimes you might have too much homework to go to a game, but with Bleachers, you can watch the game live from home.

Or, if you want to watch the game after you finish studying, you can do that too because all of the videos are saved online. Even without being on the field, the next day at school you can still compliment your friend on the awesome goal she made during the second half.

Because the company is a startup, I was given an amaziScreen Shot 2014-09-08 at 5.45.14 PMng look into all of the aspects of the business. I have taken Film at GA since my freshman year and love absolutely everything about video production.

My mentor at work, Nelson, helped me become a better filmmaker because he not only taught me different production techniques, but also showed me how to create videos with a purpose. At school, when you make a video, the focus is more on the creative process and less on the product and who the audience is. At Bleachers, however, my focus was entirely on my product and how my message would be conveyed to, and received by, my audience.

I was also pleased to find that everyone at Bleachers really valued my opinions and encouraged me to share my ideas. Whether it be during a video pitch, a marketing meeting, or a meeting with a potential investor, I was always encouraged to share my opinion or ask questions. I felt like I played a valuable role in the company, and it made me look forward to going to work every day.

This feeling was solidified on my last day of work, when my boss surprised me with a cake that said, “Please Don’t Go!” The Bleachers Corporation emphasizes strengthening communities for schools, and they do that from the inside out. The sense of community in the office is so strong; it is impossible not to try to do your best every day.

Working at Bleachers was an amazing experience for me because I was able to work with something I love: film, in a real world and business type of setting. My internship opened my eyes to a side of film that I had never really thought about before.

It also showed me that there are other ways to incorporate film into my career than just hoping to make it big in Hollywood. Before working at Bleachers, I never thought that I would be interested in majoring in business in college, but after my internship, I have been considering pursuing it in the future.

People say that you can’t really know if you like something until you try it, and that is what internships allow students to do: try out different careers. I was lucky enough to find an internship that incorporated something that I loved, but I strongly encourage anyone to seize any internship opportunities that come their way. You just might find that you really enjoy something you never expected to.

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The Inside Scoop from a Bleachers Corp. Intern