Sunday Routine’s First Feature: Mrs. Molly King

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.57.21 PMNo crickets to sound the alarm. Sunday is the day I allow myself that luxury, and sleeping in typically means I’m up around 7:30. I drink coffee at home so I can stay in my yoga pants and sweatshirt, rather than the typical Starbucks-and-school-ready attire.

Sundays are also my writing day, as there’s always a looming deadline and I can’t write at school. Too many distractions for someone who enjoys distractions as much as I do. September is a speech and event-heavy month: Opening Day assembly, New Parents’ Reception, class coffees, Annual Report and, most daunting of all, Annual Dinner, an ‘intimate’ gathering of 550 parents and alumnae.

8-10:30 AM is a productive session, made better with CBS Sunday Morning in the background, full of informative, feel good stories. Then I need a break, usually provided by church and then a wog (made that word up several years ago—combo walking and jogging) at Greenwich Point. Nothing like taking in the view of the Long Island Sound and Manhattan in the distance, and exercise is a must on Sundays.

Lunch is casual with husband K.C. and might include catching up on tivo-ed episodes of The Colbert Report. Reading TheNY Times follows. How many sections of The Times I get through depends on how much I’ve successfully tackled in the morning. Must-reads are the front-page stories, Week in Review, Sunday Styles, and Education. Next go-to section if I’ve cleared some decks: Book Review.

Mid afternoon, the kids check in by phone: Sally from NYC and Josh from Boston. As Josh is getting married in December, the check-ins are more detail oriented than he’d like!  Preparation for dinner is either a team activity or rests more with K.C. (Cooking is not really a school night thing for me!). Back to writing assignments and related work for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Sounds a lot like the life of a GA girl, right?