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The New Greenleaf: Juniors’ Choice


Greenleaf, a Greenwich Academy tradition for years, has come to an end as we know it. In past years, the Juniors have organized a dance for the entire upper school, the proceeds of which have gone toward the rising seniors’ yearbook budget.

But, as Ms. Reed Minor, Junior class dean, explained, “interest and participation from the hosting class has dwindled over the past few years, and it seemed not to resonate with the younger grades last year.”

Minor also acknowledged that the date of Greenleaf has always fallen at the height of Junior Spring anxiety. During this period, Juniors are studying for APs and SATs and just beginning the college process–all on top of their schoolwork and regular extra-curriculars.

“I give a lot of credit to the Junior class last year…but I think it is unrealistic to ask Juniors, in the spring, to host a dance that requires a lot of time and a lot of prep,” Minor said.

Additionally, while, according to Minor, “the dance was financially fine and did make a profit,” yearbook advisor Ms. Heather Way says that the yearbook can get by without the funds.

Thus the decision to find an alternative event for the Juniors to host seems to have been easy, but in reality, it was quite difficult. GA has several traditions that many students treasure, and the Greenleaf dance is one of them.

“Although it can be considered an unsuccessful event, I had a lot of fun last year…the Class of 2014 did a great job and set a precedent to make Greenleaf more popular, in which I think our grade could have continued,” said Isabella Crawford, Group XI.

Forum and the GA administration also struggled with the decision to “call it quits” on the Greenleaf dance. Some students, anonymously, stepped forward asking as to why they were not asked if they even wanted to cancel Greenleaf. “Now we don’t even get the chance, which is a little frustrating,” one student said.

In response to this disappointment, Maxx Grossman, Group XI Class President, said: “We decided that it would be much better to give Greenleaf the “make-over” it deserves, by substituting it with a kickbutt alternative. There are currently plans in the works for an even better, more exciting event. Get pumped.”

Grossman and other class representatives have now opened the question of what this event will be up to the Class of 2015. At the most recent Junior class meeting, students were asked to vote on different event options, including whether the event should include just the junior class, the whole school, just Greenwich or Academy, or Brunswick too.

Minor emphasizes the motivation behind this event. “I really want it to be something that the Juniors own and generate. I think it would be great if there is a cause they want to contribute to, for example a charity, or an event they think will really bring the grades together.”

Bottom line is, Juniors must speak up. Although, the work is piling up and Junior spring heads into full swing, this event must come from the Juniors.Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 9.42.31 PM

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The New Greenleaf: Juniors’ Choice