Quarantine Lessons From Groundhog Day


Lucy Meyer ’21, Staff Writer

Life right now seems like a continuous cycle of Zoom classes, watching tv, relaxing in bed, taking naps, wearing sweats 24/7, and coming up with creative ways to cook with the random assortment of food in the cabinet. I, like many people, feel stuck in the same loop of things to do, with every day feeling like the last. I’ve tried to keep myself busy by buying painting supplies and tie-dye kits, doing numerous puzzles, rewatching all of my favorite shows from start to finish, going on walks (which pre-quarantine me would never willingly do), and now started watching all of the Marvel movies in chronological order just for fun. I’ve been trying to find enjoyment in the smaller things that I took for granted back when I was able to leave the house. One activity that will still make anyone happy, no matter the circumstances, is watching a movie, which I, and I assume everyone, have been doing a ton of the last month. One movie, in particular, has really stuck with me during the quarantine: Groundhog Day

If you’ve never seen it, which I highly recommend doing, especially now, it’s about a weatherman, Phil, who keeps living the same day over and over again. No matter what he does, he’s stuck in this vicious cycle of waking up on Groundhog Day. Bill Murray, who plays Phil, perfectly encapsulates all of our feelings and emotions right now. He’s tired of the same stuff showing on TV and waking up knowing exactly what will happen that day. I decided to watch this movie because I thought it was incredibly relatable to the situation we’re in now. I’ve found myself waking up every morning, making myself a cup of coffee and the same breakfast: 2 eggos with nutella and strawberries, then going up to my room to sit through some classes, doing some homework, then laying in bed, watching tv, or going downstairs to find a movie to watch with my family or a game to play with them. I’ll try to throw in a drive or walk during the day, and, eventually, end my day watching TV or reading before I go to bed to start it all over again. 

I initially watched Groundhog Day just for fun and entertainment, but I quickly realized that it is scarily accurate to how I, and everyone else, in quarantine is feeling. On the outside, this movie is just a cute throw-on-the-TV-one-afternoon-to-enjoy-it kind of movie, but after watching it through the lens of six weeks into quarantine, I realized that it’s a great story about how to make the best out of the situation that you’re stuck in. After wasting many days doing nothing with his time and being bored by the same food, people, and conversations, Phil finally decides to go out and try new things and talk to new people. Although we can’t just go out and meet new people, the overall message of the movie can resonate with us. I’ve been trying to find things like food, activities, or new experiences that’ll make me feel happy and excited while I’m at home. For instance, taking a nice bubble bath, doing some face masks, watching a movie or TV show that makes you happy, learning to cook or bake, doing something fun with your hair, or getting into arts and crafts are some great ways to spice up your quarantine. I think we should all be like Phil during quarantine and try to find some enjoyment and relaxation in our situation, and not just let the days go by without some fun.