Creepy Does It: Don’t See ‘Smile’ Alone!

Smile follows the the story of a young therapist, Rose, who begins to encounter horrifying  figures she can’t explain. Most notably, the bone-chilling image of the people around her,
smiling. Scary is an understatement. I pride myself in loving all things horror but this was the type of movie that had me wanting to sleep with my mom (we’ve all been there).

During my first attempt to see this movie I left the theater within the first 20 minutes because I was literally too scared. But after regaining my bravery, I went back for a second attempt. I truly wished I hadn’t. The movie was filled with jump scares that left you on the edge of your seat and while the acting wasn’t the best, the film moved at a good tempo. Unlike many horror movies, the ending did not disappoint with huge plot twists and jump scares right up until the credits.

Have you seen the ads for this movie? They’re unlike anything I’d ever seen before: Actors, placed in the background of live television shots looking into the camera—and smiling. After watching the movie, these ads become even more terrifying. The movie explores how something as innocent as someone smiling can provoke fear, far beyond that of any special effects. Overall, if you enjoy being scared like I do, especially during the spooky season, I would highly recommend seeing Smile