The White Stuff: GA Fans Turn Out for Heartbreaker vs. Sacred Heart


On a brisk fall afternoon on Friday, September 30th, excitement was bursting in the air as Greenwich Academy’s Varsity field hockey team geared up to play their biggest local rivals- Sacred Heart. Everyone was looking forward to Homecoming weekend, and the weekend promised a fun line up ahead, including Brunswick’s Varsity soccer, waterpolo, and football games and an Upper School Homecoming dance. Students were ready to begin the festivities with a bang by attending the GA vs Sacred Heart game. All day long, the energy was high as the whole school had white-out civvies in support of the game. Every GA girl showed up to school decked out in their brightest white clothes. The game started at 4:30, and the GA community, including lower schoolers, GA parents, and teachers, were already lined up in rows carrying supportive signs and their loudest voices to cheer.

The game started out evenly in the first quarter, with senior Ellie Volpe making several skilled saves at the goal. During the second quarter, GA’s team was able to snatch the lead. With less than 15 minutes to go in the quarter, GA junior and forward/midfielder Caroline Busler was able to pass to freshman Quinn Lahey, who sent the ball straight towards the goal, making the score 1-0. In the third quarter, GA once again was able to advance, as senior Laetitia Cartellieri scored off of a penalty stroke, increasing the lead to 2-0. Throughout all of this, the GA crowd

was going wild on the sidelines, and you could hear their cheers all the way from the other side of the school.

Unfortunately, the game took a turn in the final quarter, as the Sacred Heart team fought aggressively. In the last 15 minutes of the game, Sacred Heart was able to score two goals, evening the game. Tensions were high and the crowd could feel it, as the two teams each fought to surpass one another. However, in the last 17 seconds of the game, Sacred Heart was able to score a final goal, leaving the game at 3-2.

Although GA did not win the actual game (which was a non-league game and did not count for the FAA), the day certainly did not end dejectedly. With the amazing white-out crowd and the ecstatic energy of the GA section, it is safe to say that this game was able to bring GA’s community together like never before, and everyone could definitely feel that.