GA’s Fall Musical Gets in ‘Line’

Get Ready To Kick Up Your Heels With the Fall Musical, ‘A Chorus Line’


Get ready to go for gold, GA!

After last year’s amazing performance of Into The Woods, expectations are high as many of us look toward this year’s musical. This fall, Mr. Borowka will be directing A Chorus Line, a 1970s musical with music by Marvin Hamlisch, which follows several aspiring Broadway dancers going through a Broadway audition process. During their audition, these dancers open up about many intimate aspects of their lives through numerous monologues and amazing songs. In addition to Mr. Borowka directing, Ms. McCants will be working with music, Ms. Morello will be designing costumes, and Julia Maggiola will be joining last year’s dream team as a choreographer. Maggiola choreographed some dances in the 2020 GA musical 9 to 5 and will be a wonderful addition to the show, as A Chorus Line has many dance numbers. Additionally, after Mr. Murray’s retirement last year, Ian Diedrich will be taking the former technical director’s place and working on A Chorus Line beside Mr. Borowka’s brother, who will work on lighting for the show.

One of the deciding factors for Mr. Borowka selecting A Chorus Line is the musical’s many characters. In A Chorus Line, everyone in the cast has a featured moment, and there is no true main character. Mr. Borowka hopes the cast and audience will fall in love with this 1970s classic, as it is one of his and Ms. McCants’s favorite musicals. Interestingly, all the character’s stories in A Chorus Line are based on real people. The real Broadway dancers that inspired these characters sold their life stories to the original creators of the musical for a single dollar, and many of the dancers didn’t even get to play themselves in the original musical production. However, Mr. Borowka will be directing the high school version of the original musical, so some aspects of the show are changed. Mr. Borowka will also be switching some male characters to female characters in GA’s production, allowing for more opportunities for GA students to get a role in the production.

A Chorus Line will be the first musical performed in the newly improved Massey Theater. The red chairs and curtain have been replaced by a green set to represent GA spirit. The faculty working on A Chorus Line are especially excited to “pack the theater” again, as Mr. Borowka stated. Many past theater productions have been impacted due to Covid. Actors had to wear masks on stage and seating was restricted. No doubt everyone in theater production at GA this year will be excited to have a full house once more.

Though audition dates are not set in stone, Mr. Borowka predicts they will take place the week after Labor Day. While this may seem very soon, the performance will take place before Thanksgiving break, on the 17th, 18th, and 19th, so casting needs to take place immediately. To anyone who may be unsure about whether or not to audition, find the courage and do it! Musical rehearsals often don’t conflict with GA sports, and they are a great way to meet new people. Mr. Borowka continuously remarks on the incredible community feeling being in a cast provides. Due to A Chorus Line‘s numerous featured characters, Mr. Borowka claims that everyone in the cast will always be involved and get to work with many peers. Cast members of A Chorus Line will no doubt walk away after the performance with multiple new friends and a feeling of accomplishment.