GAP’s Random Kid of December: Emma Trauber ’23

Each month, Joyce Huang interviews a randomly chosen student. This edition, Emma Trauber’s hot takes on GA, Santa, and more.

Emma Trauber ’23 has been at GA since PC. Her older brother graduated from Brunswick in 2019, and her sister was a member of the class of ‘21.

Favorite GA lunch?

Chicken parmesan.


Favorite thing about GA?

The people. Everyone is so welcoming and close with each other because of the size.


Favorite day in the rotation? Any blocks you love/hate dropping?

I love dropping D and E because I don’t have to walk to WCK. And I like Wednesdays because of the late start and early end of the school day.


Would you rather be in a class with a teacher you love but a subject you hate or vice versa? Why?

I would rather have a subject I love: I’d enjoy the class more.


Biggest fear?



When did you stop believing in Santa?

Second grade.


If you were a color, which would you be?

Probably a light blue. It’s a mix between blue and white, my two favorite colors.


Is cereal a soup?



What is a controversial opinion you have?

We shouldn’t have homework after tests.


Do you have a favorite smell? Why?

Vanilla, but not when it’s too strong. It’s really sweet.


Would you change your name if you could rename yourself?