A Cause Brewing at a Local Coffee Shop

Looking for an amazing cup of coffee and want to support a good cause? Look no further! Learn more about Coffee for Good and their mission.


Who would have guessed that our second day of school would be spent in a new coffee shop two blocks away from GA? Sofia and I went to Coffee for Good with our advisory for our community service trip, and we had an amazing time! Coffee for Good, a new nonprofit, hires and trains individuals from the intellectually and developmentally disabled community to help them develop marketable job skills and gain full-time employment. At the same time, they serve great cappuccinos and lattes, iced teas, natural fruit smoothies, and freshly baked breakfast pastries, brownies, cookies, sandwiches, and salads. Everything we tried was delicious! 

Over the past five years, 40+ unique coffee shops spanning more than 22 states have opened with the goal of employing people with disabilities. Coffee for Good similarly employs people with disabilities, but they are unique because they are a training platform. On-the-job training at Coffee for Good allows their trainees to develop the necessary confidence, skills, and familiarity with standard equipment and software needed to find competitive employment in our community. Their goal is to train and place 40 to 50 young adults with special needs in jobs in the community each year. Coffee for Good’s inclusive employment team also plays an important role in identifying interested employers and skills they need as well as helping trainees assess suitable positions.

Coffee for Good is a joint venture between Second Congregational Church and Abilis. The shop opened in June with 24 hardworking and motivated trainees from Greenwich, Stamford, Wilton, Norwalk, Fairfield, Bridgeport, and Easton. Working at minimum wage, the trainees complete three 3-hour shifts per week. Each trainee has a customized training plan and will work at Coffee for Good for 6 to 12 months to gain the skills necessary to graduate and find a full-time position. Individuals interested in the training program can apply at www.coffeeforgood.org.

Deb Rogan, the executive director, shared a story about the importance of working. Wawa, Inc. has had a supported employment program of people with differing abilities for more than 30 years. People with disabilities are at a greater risk of severely suffering from Covid-19, so Wawa allowed its supported employees to furlough with a guaranteed position to return to when the pandemic was over. An overwhelming majority continued to work even with the increased risks to their health. Thanks to Coffee for Good, more individuals with special needs will have the opportunity to gain training essential to competitive employment.

Coffee for Good is located right down the street on the beautiful campus of Second Congregational Church. It is open 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Monday-Saturday. With indoor and outdoor seating, the coffee shop makes for a great hangout, so bring your clubs, advisory, or even just a textbook, and enjoy a coffee and delicious food served by a dedicated, service-oriented staff. 


The Mead House

Coffee for Good

48 Maple Ave.

Greenwich, CT 06830

Instagram: @coffeeforgoodgreenwich 


Monday- Saturday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM