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Jean Jackets Gallivating Around GA

Lately, jean jacket references are popping up everywhere. I found my own forgotten jacket hanging at the back of my closet two weeks ago. On a whim, I decided to put it on for the first time in three years. The next day, Ms. Kendra Weeks and Ms. Rachel Powers, my math and history teachers, were both sporting denim. And, take a guess what my advisor Ms. Edwina Foster wore to Wednesday Morning Advisory?

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.38.38 PMThe trend continued this past Friday when two girls I babysit for had dark blue, child-size jackets hanging on clothing hooks in their playroom. Afterwards, I went to a birthday party where one of my friends and her mom were Both. Wearing. Jean Jackets. These textured fabric coincidences are piling up.

Despite this seemingly newfound trend, jean jackets are a classic part of American clothing history. Levi Strauss originated the jean jacket design with his 1874 Triple Pleat Blouse. It was manufactured as part of a durable working outfit for miners. Following the late-1800s, jean jackets made their showing on Western cowboys portrayed by actors such as John Wayne in Hollywood films.

Since then, denim jackets made their statement on punk artists in the 1960s and on hip hop stars in the 80s and the 90s. Fashion author Tori Telfer writes on her blog Bustle that by the end of the 20th century, “The point was that the denim jacket was so not formal; anyone who wanted to openly rebel against the ironed suits of the Establishment threw a denim jacket on.”

Today, a jean jacket can mean any number of things. It can be rebellious and revolutionary, or stylistic and high fashion. Either way, jean jackets are in. They are here for anyone and everyone. Whether a student searching for something “with an edge,” (according to Alex Elam, Group XI) or a teacher desiring clothes, “comfortable and easy to wear,” (according to Ms. Foster) the jean jacket looks great right now – especially at Greenwich Academy.

My curiosity about the ever-changing fashion statement piqued, so I decided to interview some Greenwich Academy teachers and students about their thoughts on the timeless jean jacket:

According to GA teachers…

Who or what has inspired you to wear a denim jacket?

“Charlie Sheen, from The Breakfast Club” (Powers).


Did you wear a jean jacket in high school?

“The jean jacket would not have worked with my kilt, my tights and my docmartins” (Powers).

“They were not cool when I was in high school…they were kind of in style for a little bit. They left. And, now they’re back” (Weeks).

Does the jean jacket mean anything in particular to you?

“It’s just a staple part of the closet and the wardrobe that you can go to and just feel…like rockin’ a bit of Americanah” (Powers).

Do you consider the jean jacket to be either a professional or casual look?

“The jean jacket is definitely casual, but I feel okay wearing it to work…It’s a pretty flexible piece of clothing!” (Foster).

Should a person wear a jean jacket with jean pants?

“No. Never wear jean jackets with jeans” (Weeks).

“Waaaayyy too much denim” (Foster).

“There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. It’s all about self-expression and what you feel good in” (Powers).

According to GA students…

Why wear a jean jacket?

“I think jean jackets are… the classic piece that every girl needs…they can dress up an outfit or dress down an outfit depending on what you’re wearing…it’s cute, and it spices things up,” said Kyla Hodges, XI.

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Jean Jackets Gallivating Around GA