Mr. Schwartz on “Sabrina”

“I love the original Sabrina (not the remake with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond in 1995).

As Jubilee says, you have two of the greatest actors of all time– Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Fans were used to seeing Bogart as tough-guy soldier, saloon owner, gangster, or detective.

He was the epitome of cool and always smarter and more independent than the cops who couldn’t solve a crime without him. In Sabrina, he plays the romantic hero, something he does equally well in Casablanca, maybe his most famous movie.

Audrey Hepburn is an unusual partner for him compared to Lauren Bacall who could match Bogie line for line, with toughness and wit. Hepburn, instead, is as elegant a character as you’ll ever see.

Watch her eyes. Savor her costumes. Listen to her singing in French. She is sophisticated without any of the privilege Bogart’s character presumes. It’s a movie that will make you melt

Hepburn: You’re very clever, Linus, and very rich. You could order yourself some rain. Bogart: Oh sure, I can order myself some rain. I can get myself a taxi. That’s easy. Can I find myself someone really nice? That’s not so easy, Sabrina.”.