2014 Class Speaker: Pam Petrick

The Greenwich Academy senior class of 2014 recently elected Pam Petrick, XII, to be their graduation speaker. Pam will speak at Greenwich Academy’s Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 22nd at 4:00 p.m. Her job as speaker is to represent and reflect on the grade’s memory and identity established at our school.

Graduation and the subsequent end of the school year is definitely the cause for much excitement, yet the act of having to say goodbye to the seniors, and the fact that the seniors have to say goodbye to GA, makes Graduation day bittersweet for the entire GA community. It is a day of exciting new beginnings, but also a day of sad goodbyes.

One of the most notorious aspects of graduation is the seniors class’s last words to the GA community, their final goodbye to all of the friends, family, teachers, and other students that come to support them at their final day at GA. Throughout the years the speeches have ranged from funny to serious, happy to sad, but they are always a highlight for the seniors and all the other grades alike.

“As a class we were looking for a speaker who is funny, serious, and sentimental” said Haley McAtee, XII. “Pam is not only a great public speaker and writer, but she is passionate and encouraging too,” McAtee adds. “The entire senior class is excited and proud that she will be the one to represent us at graduation.”

The seniors are not the only ones excited for Pam to be the upcoming class speaker. Her senior voice moved all of us to laughter and tears, and we are all looking forward to a reprise.

“Although I don’t know her very well, her down to earth attitude and sense of humor makes her completely relatable and someone I am really excited to hear speak at graduation,” said Jubilee Johnson, XI.