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Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Sarah Stapleton


A five-year veteran of Greenwich Academy, Ms. Sarah Stapleton graduated from Harvard University in 2002 with a BA in International History. After working for two years in strategic consulting, Ms. Stapleton decided to become a teacher, and she subsequently earned her MA in International History at the London School of Economics.

Ms. Stapleton went on to teach at the International School of Luxembourg for three years before coming to GA. Today, she can be found re-watching The Avengers, leafing through Pride and Prejudice, or dreaming about becoming an Olympics historian.

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What one food do you eat the most on a weekly basis?

I love bread; I can go through an entire good French baguette. They call me the “bread queen” in my family because when I was a kid, I used to ruin my dinners at restaurants because I’d get ahold of the bread basket and demolish it, so by the time my food came I wouldn’t eat it.


What about foods you hate?

Black licorice and blue cheese.


Where would your dream house be located?

I would have an apartment in London, an apartment in Paris to get the really good French baguettes and crêpes, and a house where I go in the summer where there’s low-key golf and tennis.


What faction in the Divergent world would you choose to be in?



Would you rather be mentally stable but always discontent or clinically unstable but ridiculously happy?

I find this interesting, because you’re saying that you can be stable and physically free but not happy whereas the other choice is physically captive but happy. If you’re oblivious to the fact that you’re in a padded room but are blissfully happy, I’d rather be happy than wandering around free and miserable.


Did you participate in any sports in college?

I rowed crew freshman year, I played JV field hockey all four years, I tried squash for two weeks sophomore year but instead trained and ran the Boston marathon, and junior year I played full tackle rugby for a season.


What’s one ofyour favorite books?

The whole Harry Potter series and Pride and Prejudice.


If you could only save one person aside from yourself from the apocalypse, who would you save?

I’d save the smartest scientist/doctor on the planet so he or she can save everyone else and reverse the apocalypse.


If you could take only one sports jersey to the afterlife, which one would it be?

Kristine Lilly’s USA Soccer jersey from the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. I was at the semi-final match where the USA beat Norway and it solidified my love of soccer.



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Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Sarah Stapleton