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Random Kid of the Month: Nikki Kaufmann

Nikki Kaufmann, Group XII, has been a Greenwich Academy student since 2001 (when she was in CC). She is a self-proclaimed Chemistry nerd and amateur cook, who loves to make food for her friends and family. She is currently training for her first half-marathon, which is in May.


What is your ideal Saturday night?

I like going out to dinner with my friends, particularly for Italian food. So probably going out to pizza, and then to Carvel.


What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you this year?

I think the first time I heard senior voices from my grade. It was the first time it really clicked that we were seniors, which was really exciting for me, but also really scary.


What are you a fangirl for?

The Food Network stars. I wish I were as amazing as them, but for now I’ll stick to boxed cake mix.


On that note, what’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

On a snow day my friend and I made a skillet cookie- which is basically a giant cookie baked in a pan.


Favorite type of weather?

I like when it’s 70 degrees- hot, but not so hot that you sweat through your shirt.


What do you want to do this year that you haven’t done before?

Take a road trip.


If you could be any TV character, who would you be?

Jesse Pinkman.


In the movie of your life who would play you?



Creamy or tangy frozen yogurt?

It’s a science. You have a good ratio of tangy to creamy. You can match the topping to the yogurt.


What’s the most artistic thing you have?

Well, I’m not very good at art. But this summer, I decided to make a bulletin board of all the tickets, photo booth photos, letters from friends, and stuff from the summer.


What’s your go-to jam?

Killin’ It by Krewella.


What’s your favorite dance move?

They’re all so sick I couldn’t possibly decide.


What’s your mantra?

If you’re not embarrassing yourself, you’re not living.

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Random Kid of the Month: Nikki Kaufmann