Homecoming Highlights

Homecoming weekend set off the 2022-23 school year with a bang through a series of engaging events that took place on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1. This was a weekend of athletics, reunions, and of course, the long awaited homecoming dance. Greenwich Academy and Brunswick students, parents, and faculty all came together in this yearly tradition to welcome back and celebrate our community. Spirits were high as finally a normal, Covid-free celebration took place and everyone was able to take a step back from the busy first weeks of term and enjoy each other’s company and achievements.

On Friday afternoon Brunswick’s King Street campus, overlooking the Cosby Field, held its annual bonfire and barbecue. There, alumni, parents, and kids of all ages enjoyed complimentary food and drinks with entertainment from Brunswick’s varsity soccer and water polo teams, who won their matches adding to the excitement of the day. The crowded student section was filled with fervent friends dressed in black following the “black out” theme, supporting their fellow classmates. Following Brunswick soccer team’s 1-0 win against Frederick Gunn, students made their way to the side of the field and huddled around the bonfire where they enjoyed a display of flames and fireworks. The fire was fueled by mannequins that were thrown in by Brunswick’s various varsity teams, who paraded around encouraged by the support of the cheering onlookers. Students, with faces glowing red, celebrated and took part in the spectacle. A striking display of dramatic fireworks which exploded over the campus ended the evening, a prelude to the excitement filled day ahead.

The homecoming dance on Saturday was held in the Dann Gym, and was the first “normal” homecoming celebration since the emergence of the coronavirus in 2019. Homecoming 2020 was canceled, and in 2021 the dance was held outdoors in the middle of the field. Students recalled the dance from the previous year as “cold” and “rainy”, and all agreed that Hoco 2022 was a success and much better when kept indoors. The space this year was alive with music, dancing, and decorations. The gym was lined with tables and chairs where students could sit if they got tired of dancing, and there was also water and food for those who got hungry. GA and Brunswick students from grades 9-12 were all in attendance, and all of the girls went dressed with their grades “assigned” theme. GA freshmen wore all black, in striking contrast to the sophomore and junior girls who wore bright colored dresses. The Seniors, who surprise us with a new theme every year, went as “Heroes and Villains”; sporting capes and masks of iconic characters from Marvel to Disney to cartoons. From 7:30-10:00 PM the gym was alive until jubilant fun gave way to well earned rest.