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February’s Top Eight: Rom-Coms

Februarys Top Eight: Rom-Coms

Still in the Valentine’s Day spirit? Whether you’re looking for tears or laughter, here are some classic flicks that will be sure to tug at your heartstrings.


8. The Last Song (2010). Though Miley and Liam may have split, this romantic drama will still conjure up feelings of passion and love. Rebellious Ronnie is forced to stay with her father in North Carolina for the summer, where she meets handsome and popular Will Blakelee. As Ronnie falls for Will, she learns about herself and the world around her.


7. Made of Honor (2008). Tom, played by Patrick Dempsey, realizes his love for his long-time-best-friend, Hannah, who has just gotten engaged to royalty from Scotland. As the maid-of-honor for Hannah’s wedding, Tom attempts to win Hannah back and prove his love for her.


6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003). When Benjamin Barry and Andie Anderson both make bets trying to prove their knowledge and suave in the dating game, their new relationship becomes incredibly complicated and amusing.


5. Sixteen Candles (1984). This classic traces high school sophomore Sam Baker’s sixteenth birthday. From senior boys to family drama, Sixteen Candles is completely relatable and incredibly hilarious.


4. The Proposal (2009). Sandra Bullock plays a demanding and pushy Canadian immigrant who finds out she’s about to be deported. The only way to save herself? Marry her young assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds. If you’re looking for drama, comedy, and romance, be sure to check this out.


3. Titanic (1997). Jack and Rose, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively, a couple from worlds apart, find true love amidst the tragic maiden voyage of the Titanic. Obviously Titanic is amazing, and you should go watch it and decide if there was enough room on that board for two people (looking at you Rose).


2. A Walk to Remember (2002). When popular and cocky Landon Carter unexpectedly meets the reserved and dainty Jamie Sullivan, he begins to develop strong feelings for her. The movie traces their heart-wrenching relationship up to the brink of the revelation that will determine their fate. This film will definitely bring tears to your eyes!


1. The Notebook (2004). If you haven’t seen the Notebook, drop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now. Nothing can top the tale of Allie and Noah and all their trials, hardships, bliss, and romance.


Honorable Mention: Endless Love comes out on Valentine’s Day, and this story of forbidden romance promises drama and excitement. Plus Ms. Brenner and Mrs. Gault put in plugs for When Harry Met Sally (a classic!) and Definitely, Maybe. Check them out!


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February’s Top Eight: Rom-Coms